Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lab Assistant #2

On Monday nights I am a lab assistant for the Sport and Splash program. I have seen Cortland students work with participants with a variety of different disabilities, and help them progress with skills in the pool. 

One participant sticks out in my mind. He is an adult in the program, but is very developmentally delayed. The college student working with him has 3 different participants, and does an outstanding job each week with all 3 of them. This one particular participant has been working on diving for the past 7 weeks. He started out with just kneeling on the side of the pool and falling forward into the water. Last night, for the first time in his life, he dived off of the low diving board. The excitement on his face when he got out of the water was so motivating. I was so happy to have experienced this milestone for this student as he saw it as a huge achievement which it is. This student has worked very hard to accomplish this goal, and with his instructor being injured for most of the semester, he has not had much of a visual demonstration, and for him to progress so much has been truly amazing to see. This participant is always inspiring other participants as well. He cheers on the two other adults that this Cortland student works with, he is extremely outgoing, always stops to say hi to all of the lab assistants. He truly is one of the nicest guys in the program, and I am so proud and happy for him to have achieved so much this semester. I believe that this participant and his instructor were a great match to work together this semester. The Cortland student pushes him to do his best each week, even though the other participants in his group are not at the skill level of him. He really gets the attention and instruction he needs.

I hope to continue to see the progress from for all the students in the pool. Hopefully this achievement of one student will continue to motivate and inspire the other students to put their hardest work into it, and they will accomplish just as much.

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