Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where Is My Valentine?

This weeks lab theme was Valentine's Day. We began in the gym with all of the students and assessing one boy and one girl on their run, gallop, and hop. The activities that the gym group led seemed to keep the students at Saint Mary's interested, and incorporated Valentine's Day very well. My lab group was the cafeteria group however since it was a nice day outside, the older students went out to the playground during the time that we were supposed to teach our games. Instead we decided to play the games that the students wanted to play, and in turn they ended up playing our games when we went into the gymnasium later. While outside I asked one of the girls why she was not participating in the game of tag on the play ground. She replied by saying that the boys sometimes would make fun of the way she ran. I reassured her that she should not be scared to have fun, and that if I heard anyone say anything to her I would have them stop. After a few minutes of talking to her and helping her with her run, she entered the game, and not one person said anything to her! 

After the playground, we went into the gymnasium with the older students (3rd to 5th graders). Even though the older boys did not seem interested at first in playing MK's game (Where's My Valentine?) once they began to play you could tell from their actions that they were having fun! I originally was suposed to play a game with students that did not take a lot of space, but since we were in the gymnasium, I changed my game to play a game like handball. Students could either play the ball on the ground and shoot at the little nets on the ground or shoot it like a basketball at the basketball nets. At first not too many students seemed interested in playing, but by the end of activity almost all of the students in the gymnasium were on our side playing my game.

Overall I believe lab was a lot of fun and a successful day. We got to play with the students doing both our games and theirs. It seemed like the students had a lot of fun as well. Next week Kendra, MK, Christina, and I are in the pre-k room. It is going to be a much different experience than having the older students, but I am excited to see how well we do with the pre-k group!

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