Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Day For Building

It was a wonderful lab where every single person, students and my fellow college students were more than excited and ready to play! The enthusiasm was showing through everyones actions the second we walked into Saint Marys on April 16th. 

Last Monday the Physette's were the gym group! We were very excited to finally have this section and were even more happy that it is the last place we will teach! I was very happy with our performance in lab because the students seemed to be extremely into our games. Some got a little bored in the games where they were just standing around or dribbling back and forth down the court. I liked my game a lot because it was a mix of sports I knew students would enjoy. "Socketball" was a combination of soccer and basketball where students can dribble the all with either their hands or feet and score either a basketball hoop or soccer goal. Putting certain restrictions of the game are a good idea as well to help control the amount everyone plays. 

Once we were done in the gymnasium we went down to the cafeteria with the students and were playing with the legos! I had a challenge with one boy who did not think I could build a five foot tall tower of blocks. Although he was correct, I took the challenge, and worked long and hard on my tower that ended up being a crazy one foot tall. It was interesting to see all of the students creativity at work because we do not get to see it as much when in the gymnasium having them play our games. We really get it when we give them some free space to come up with their own ideas. Some of the girls were making pageant stages out of the legos while some of the guys were creating crazy looking cars, boats, and airplanes. 

Click here to read my Lab 5 assessment!

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