Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bulletin Board and Teddy Bear Games at St. Marys!

This past week lab 4 took place. We were the special projects group this week, and I personally was in charge of the bulletin board. I am extremely happy with how my first ever bulletin board came out at Saint Mary's! Our group also had to do the closing game, song/dance, and cheer. Overall I believe we all worked well together this week. I believe that the game however was a bit inappropriate for the mix of ages that we had. Playing rocks paper scissors tag with the students would have been better if it was played with students around the game age. The 5th graders were beating the pre-school students every round of the game, and it did discourage the younger students. Also, we all need to remember to give safety statements before our games and keep reminding students what they can and cannot do throughout the game! During rock paper scissors tag some of the older students were slapping the college students and some pre-school students which was extremely inappropriate and we were lucky none of the younger students got hurt because of this. Part of our job as future physical educators is to make sure that every single student goes home without any injuries. 

After we had finished the putting the bulletin board up, I played jump rope with some of the girls ranging in ages from 1st grade to fifth grade. They taught me two new games that I had not previously heard of! The first game is a song called "Teddy Bear." 

"Teddy bear teddy bear turn around
Teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground
Teddy bear teddy bear go upstairs
Teddy bear teddy bear say your prayers
Teddy bear teddy bear turn out the lights
Teddy bear teddy bear say goodnight"

The second game was called the "Grade Game." One person at a time would run through the turning jump rope without getting hit or stopping the rope from turning. If you do that successfully then you have moved up a grade. It starts with kindergarten and goes all the way through college. However, if you do not get through the rope you then start back at kindergarten. The first person to make it through college wins the game!! Both of these games kept the girls busy and they enjoyed playing them over and over again until we were called in to do final games. 

In gym group did an excellent job at keeping the students interested in their games! This surprised me a lot because this was the first time we really saw games where we had to end the game before the students got bored and ended the game themselves. The garbage can game was a perfect example of this. They let the students go on playing this game for about 10 minutes, but they then had to close the garbage can, and move onto other games. It was nice to see that some of us were having success with the games we plan. 

Christina, MK, myself, and Kendra during Lab 4!

Remember to check out my Lab 4 Assessment sheet!

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