Friday, March 2, 2012

Reporting On The Great Debate

The Great Debate 2012 started out with yours truly, ME, with an opening statement about the awesome debate that was about to start! The New York State's Board of Education (Ryan, Mallory, Luke, and Dave) were here to determine the new physical education curriculum for New York State. Three groups would present their arguments, anad explain why have the right idea for the new curriculum. 

Sticks in Sports, Lifetime Activities, and Skill Based Sports all made some great arguments. Although it seemed as if everyone seemed a bit timid at the beginning, once rebuttals started, everyone the debate got extremely heated. Every group was fighting their hardest to have their curriculum picked by the Board of Education. 
The final decision however was a tie between Skill Based Sports and Lifetime Activities. Sticks in Sports made some great arguments, but unfortunately came up a bit short in the vote! Again, great job to all of our debaters, the board of education, and reports! It was a very successful day in Motor Development.
 One suggestion that I would make for future debates such as this one is to make it two class periods long because it seemed like it was very rushed. The debaters did not have enough time to get all of their points in and seemed to make them all a bit more nervous. 

Check out the rest of the tweets, and some video clips from the debate here!

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