Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Affective Domain Within Physical Activity

Physical education includes education within three domains: the motor domain, the cognitive domain, and the affective domain. The affective domain is the most used domain within physical activity today. This domain increases a child's ability to interact with other children and also interact positively with themselves. It is important for all teachers to emphasize the importance of self-concept to children from a young age because at a young age children think that they are either good or bad; there is no in between in their minds. Promoting that they have a sense of belonging and worthiness is easier to set into their minds if it is put their from the beginning of their education. This comes from positive socialization between groups of children. Within physical education, students work together to achieve a common goal, and together they are working on their self esteem while being positive.  Positive socialization generally emphasizes the role of fair and cooperative play and behavior and sportsmanship between students. Physical education teachers must enforce these main concepts of positive socialization which have a positive outcome on their students in the affective domain. Physical activity plays a major role in the affective domain of learning, and as a physical education teacher candidate, I cannot wait to put these lessons into affect at Saint Mary's School this semester!

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