Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Learning Through The Physical!

"Learning through the physical" is a phrase used to describe other aspects of physical education besides just the physical or "psychomotor" aspects within physical education. There are two other aspects to physical education that are just as important as the psychomotor domain is and those are the cognitive domain and affective domain. The cognitive learning is a child's ability to think and develop mentally. Most children are both multi-sensory learners and active learners which makes learning in physical education a great time for children to put their minds to work as well as their physical body! The affective domain of physical education covers a child's ability to interact and socialize with other students. Physical education is the best class to have the atmosphere where students can talk and be loud without being scared that they will get in trouble. It is in fact the only class where students can do this! It is also the only class where socializing in combined with cognitive development, and physical development to make one "super-class" in my mind. "Learning through the physical" makes learning new information fun for them because they can run around and be with their friends without even realizing they are learning new information at the same time. This is concept that has kept physical education alive in schools. It is hard to come up with a counter argument saying that this is wrong. "Learning through the physical" explains the importance of physical education in school, and why what we do as physical educators is important in all aspects of a child life: mentally, physically, and socially. 

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